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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am the founder and operator of Dozerfleet Productions. The artwork I submit here is conceptual artwork I've made for various franchises I am developing on my own. By submitting it here, I hope to make looking inside my work more accessible to an artistic-minded community.

Current Residence: Grand Ledge, MI
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack Score
Favourite style of art: Production Still Photography
Operating System: Windows Seven


Wear a Hazmat Suit! by BulldozerIvan
Wear a Hazmat Suit!
Scene from: "Cherinob 2"
Made with: "The Sims 4: Get to Work"


After saving a village in Ethiopia, Cherinob is ambushed by the return of Astirnah.  This ambush results in her being infected with a "bug" - one which must take its course.  She must try not to get infected with another one while burning off the first one.  The inability to be rid of the first one results in her having little to no access or control to her armor.  Without it, only her mesh protects the outside world from full exposure to her 22Mrad/s radiation capacity. 

Cherinob, the Angel of Radioactive Death and Destruction, was broken - but not fallen.  The Shard of Kritchobol kept her from being Velithia the Comforter.  She was no reduced to a woman of bizarre biology unlike that typically found amongst the human race.  She still had many of her other angelic powers, but was preoccupied with hiding herself where she couldn't hurt those who didn't absolutely deserve it.  She cared a great deal about the Time of Grace given to others, and didn't wish to be involved in cutting it short needlessly.  In addition to battle protection from demonic assaults, her armor served to protect our world - from her!

The mesh requires her to make a personal effort to maintain it if she wishes to limit the environmental radiation dose she gives off.  After a month or two, this goes from stressful to outright agony.  Seeking relief from her pain, Cherinob attempts to throw herself in a radiation barrel.  However, she's immediately found at the scene and arrested for public disturbance.  She warns the detective as he prepares to reach for the cuffs that he should be wearing gloves at least when handling her - and to bring a hazmat suit to the interrogation. 

He believes she is crazy when identifying herself as Cherinob.  But after she spits on a shamrock popping up through cracks in the concrete and it instantly withers up and dies, Det. Hallower decides to take seriously the possibility that this is, in fact, Cherinob.

He realizes that there are a lot of ancient books at the library documenting myths from around the world of creatures similar to her.  Time to do some homework.
Interrogating Cherinob Pt. 2 by BulldozerIvan
Interrogating Cherinob Pt. 2
Scene from: "Cherinob 2"
Made with: "The Sims 3: Into the Future"


(Continued from Pt. 1)

Det. Hallower: "You know, most women with your beauty would be terrified of lockup in Area 51.  You seem to want it!"

Cherinob: "It would be preferable to your petty female correctional centers.  I can't destroy anything in Area 51 that doesn't deserve it.  What I can do...I don't even wish that on Guantanamo!  To put me in with check bouncers and tax cheats would be a death sentence to the whole block of them.  So much more than an eye for an eye!"

Hallower: "I know a place for you.  Avera Behavioral Health.  Everyone here thinks you're crazy; so let's use that.  I'll talk to the judge, and make sure the lead lining is in place for you."

Cherinob: "Thank you.  I wouldn't wait long.  The flashbacks to Kritchbol stabbing me are getting stronger.  If the Shard starts moving on its own, I do not wish to clean human oatmeal off the floor.  That science lab in Romania won't be inhabitable again for the next 300 years, I fear."

Hallower: "Area 51 is a little above my pay grade.  But I'll try to reach them if that proves necessary."

Cherinob: "For this room, I recommend a cleanup crew of at least 30 when we're done.  And a glass cage for transport.  Triple thick.  Thin cloth on top covering the air holes."

Hallower: "Would a modified coffin suffice?  You're not exactly a leopard.  Even a leopard transported that way could become a media sensation.  And I'm pretty sure you don't want that."

Cherinob: "Wood might catch fire."

Hallower: "I'll get you one of those special radiation barrels then.  But realize you're asking an awful lot of me."

Cherinob: "The Master will compensate you for any inconvenience this may cause."

Hallower: "Get well, Cheri."


Just like that, Cherinob protected humanity from herself - by getting herself committed to a mental health facility.  The judge took little time at all reaching the same conclusion as Hallower.  Cherinob was no monster; but her unique health problem ensured she was far too dangerous to be left wandering the streets.  Something about the words "human oatmeal" produced a special chill in Hallower.

<- Part 1 here
So I guess the time has come to have a look at Dozerfleet heroines.  Nobody will confuse them for princesses, though they have been compared to Disney Princesses.

So let's begin, starting with Gerosha ladies...

1.  Candi McArthur.  Occupations: Student, vigilante, scene profiler, researcher.  Criminal record: Extensive
2.  Miriam McLaine.  Occupation: Hacker, vigilante.  Criminal record: Extensive
3.  Marina Baret.  Occupation: Rock star.  Criminal record: None
4.  Dolly Malestrom.  Occupations: Activist, vigilante.  Criminal record: Extensive
5.  Pam Marcones.  Occupation: Homemaker.  Criminal record: Very minor
6.  Stephanie Tannuli.  Occupations: Inventor, vigilante.  Criminal record: Moderate
7.  Michelle Winston.  Occupation: Vigilante.  Criminal record: Minor
8.  Celia Winehart.  Occupation: Vigilante, jewel thief.  Criminal record: Extensive
9.  Laurie Pegol.  Occupation: Musician.  Criminal record: Very minor
10.  Meredith Celestine.  Occupation: Musician.  Criminal record: None
11.  Ashley Phillips.  Occupation: Student, bottling plant worker.  Criminal record: None
12.  Monica Shelly.  Occupation: Medical assistant.  Criminal record: None
13.  Hadley Mint.  Occupations: Mental health patient, student, counselor.  Criminal record: Assault charges related to psychotic breakdown
14.  Miranda Kanla.  Occupation: Vigilante, student.  Criminal record: Very minor
15.  Charlotte Yamamura.  Occupation: Vigilante  Criminal record: Very minor
16.  Marge Ramirez.  Occupation: Vigilante, magazine model.  Criminal record: Minor
17.  Dana McArthur.  Occupation: Vigilante.  Criminal record: 1 count of trespassing
18.  Marie McLaine.  Occupation: Lawyer.  Criminal record: None
19.  Trina McLaine.  Occupation: Rock star.  Criminal record: None
20.  Emily Cormier.  Occupation: Scientist.  Criminal record: Very minor
21.  Hea Pang.  Occupation: Vigilante, historian.  Criminal record: Minor
22.  Samantha Steel.  Occupation: Vigilante, comedian.  Criminal record: Minor
23.  Tiffany Sterlie.  Occupation: Freedom fighter.  Criminal record: Extensive
24.  Tabitha Pang.  Occupations: Gang member, teacher, vigilante, nurse.  Criminal record: Extensive
25.  Mingmei Cheng.  Occupations: Prostitute, spy.  Criminal record: Off the charts
26.  Marion Wevenil.  Occupation: Federal agent, parole officer, field investigator.  Criminal record: Sealed
27.  Shaniqua Tamery.  Occupation: Federal agent, parole officer, field combatant.  Criminal record: Sealed
28.  Thevia Longindil.  Occupation: Field combatant.  Criminal record: Sealed
29.  Shalia Flippo.  Occupation: Politician, activist.  Criminal record: Very minor
30.  Keet Kabo.  Occupations: Gang member, street hooligan, pirate, bounty hunter, soldier.  Criminal record: Extensive

And for Stationery Voyagers:

1.  Pinkella Goldsen.  Occupations: Corporate heiress, adventurer, activist, diplomat.  Criminal record: Very minor
2.  Viola Hunt.  Occupations: Gymnast, dancer, adventurer, activist, diplomat.  Criminal record: Minor
3.  Neone Delft.  Occupations: Carpenter, prostitute, adventurer, activist, diplomat.  Criminal record: Moderate
4.  Cindy Martius.  Occupation: Vigilante.  Criminal record: Moderate
5.  Katrina Mantalone.  Occupation: Rogue robot hunter.  Criminal record: Very minor


1.  Stacey Mirafuentes.  Occupation: Office intern.  Criminal record: Very minor
2.  Akilina.  Occupation: Soldier.  Criminal record: Unknown
3.  Mazicha.  Occupation: Queen.  (This one actually was a princess, though she was a Gorilloid.)  Criminal record: None

Cherinob universe:

1.  Cherinob.  Occupation: Angel of Radioactive Death and Destruction (as Cherinob,) Comforter Spirit (as Velithia.)  Criminal record: Locked up several times to contain her radiation
2.  Kathy Mennington.  Occupation: Ghost hunter.  Criminal record: Minor

Now compare them with the average Disney "Princess."

Look alikes: Celia Winehart looks a little like Alice.  Marge could be compared to Esmeralda.  Her mother Kicked Deer could easily have been Pocahontas.  Miranda is closer to Tiger Lilly.  Emily could be compared to Tiana in some ways.  Mingmei could be compared a little to Mulan. 

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